As you know, in 2017 The Barrasse Foundation, in which I serve as a committee board member, needed a new logo and brand identity. I designed a new foundation logo, as well as logos for the memorial basketball tournament and evening event, respectively. Since then, I feel like we’ve really gone from a grassroots organization, to a full 501c, Non-Profit organization with national reach. We’ve been lucky enough to generate such positive support from organization all across the Northeast, that we’ve been able to grant 4 full scholarships to Scranton Prep, the high school Cody attended, as well as issue grants to over 20 patients awaiting organ transplantation to offset logistical expenses like lodging and food as they tackle the process of receiving a new organ.

With the growth of our organization comes a need for our visual identity to grow with it. Below is what I’m working on!

First, let’s talk about the tournament logo. My though process here was to create something that is much more legible on marketing material such as billboards, booklets, etc for instant readability. In small spaces like a web page on mobile device or even when surrounded by event details on large billboard, I felt the “Cody Barrasse Memorial Tournament” was getting lost in the noise.

Secondly, our Continue Cody’s Commitment event event was also getting tough to read when scaled. The new logo called for a modern mark or icon that summed up our cause and represented what we do with this event; raise money for organ donation patients in Codys memory. The “C” is a 3 part ribbon design that symbolizes the three aspects our our event, Continuing Cody’s Commitment to serving others. From there, I used a modern typeface for instant readability.